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A hot wax opens the pours of the base so the wax penetrates deep into the ski which will keep them moist and slick for 3-6 days of skiing depending on conditions.


Sharp edges will help you to carve turns especially on hard pack and icy conditions. They will also help you stop quicker.


Scratches and dings in your bases can cause your skis to drag in fresh powder and on groomers. The extra resistance can slow you down on a traverse and cause extra work for you when you are pushing through lift lines and skating near base areas.

A hot wax will keep your bases from becoming dry and brittle. When your bases are dry they become rough and sticky which can slow you down when in fresh powder or moving across flat areas forcing you to walk and push your way to a steeper slope. If your bases look white like these do then you are over due for a hot wax.

Having your edges sharpened will also remove any rust or burrs on your skis that can make them feel sticky and slow you down on flatter areas.

We can melt P-tex to fill in the scratches and dings in your skis making the bases smooth again.


clean and sharp

rusty edges






slow you



A base weld is the best way to repair a core shot. The material is stronger than P-tex and fuses to the core of the ski to keep it in place longer.


A stone grind will take out any scratches in the base of your skis leaving them flat and smooth. The stone leaves a pattern in your bases that helps displace water and snow as you slide down the mountain. This will help you glide across flatter areas without stopping and help you float through fresh powder.

Core shots can cause significant drag in any conditions and can even cause you to come to a stop on flatter slopes. If left unchecked core shots can cause the core to become water logged and eventually warp your ski. Core shots near the edge of your ski can increase the chance of blowing out an edge and ruining your ski.

Every stone grind includes a ceramic disk edge sharpening that will help you carve turns and stop on icy conditions. This will also remove any rust or burrs on your skis and help you glide across flat areas.


core shot

core shot next to edge

Tune Up Prices

HOT WAX - $20

  We will iron wax deep into the pours of your skis


  We sharpen your edges and iron temperature specific wax into your skis

BASE REPAIR - $5 or included with stone grind

  Fill in scratches and minor dings in your skis to make the bases smooth and fast

BASE WELDS - $10 or included with stone grind

  Repair core shots


  Includes Hot Wax, Edge Sharpening and P-tex


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